With a deep-rooted heritage of research and development, A&B Ingredients is committed to the creation of unique ingredients that enable food processors to develop new and improved products.  A&B Ingredients offers a diverse range of natural food ingredients.  They include pea proteins and fibers, natural antioxidants, mold inhibitors, natural sea salt, shelf life enhancers, lauric arginate antimicrobials, and probiotics.  All our food ingredients are designed to assist you in creating greater value-added food products.  A&B Ingredients’ products are focused into three specific categories. They are:

  • Health & Wellness – Pisane® Pea Protein; PA5051® Probiotics; Two Seas Sea Salt®
  • Food Safety & Quality – CytoGuard® Antimicrobials; Antioxidants; and Yeast and Mold Inhibitors
  • Clean/Clear Label – CytoGuard® Natural Antioxidants; Natural Yeast and Mold Inhibitors; Natural Flavor Enhancers


natural Antioxidants

Origanox® antioxidants are natural plant extracts that are effective in reducing oxidation in animal and vegetable fats and oils, processed meats and seafood, processed foods… Read More >

Cytoguard Antioxidants

CytoGuard® OX-OST is a powerful antioxidant that is specially designed for use in fats, oils and food products with lower water content to reduce oxidation and rancidity while ensuring… Read More >

Cytoguard Antioxidants

A powerful antioxidant designed specifically for emulsion and water contained systems, CytoGuard® OX-WST can ensure quality and extend the shelf life of your food product… Read More >

Two Seas Natural Low Sodium Sea Salt, is based on a unique blend of sea salts harvested from the mineral rich Mediterranean… Read More >

pea protein Isolates

Pea protein isolate represents an extremely viable alternative protein source that can have a profound influence on the formulation of weight conscious food… Read More >

CytoGuard® Stat-N products are naturally based shelf-life extenders that are specifically designed to increase shelf life through microbial suppression… Read More >

CytoGuard® YM is a natural mold inhibitor made by the enzymatic fermentation of Oregano and Flaxseed. CytoGuard-YM is made from natural flavors… Read More >

pea fiber

Swelite® pea fibers are also all natural non-GMO products. Containing both dietary fiber and starch Swelite (pea fiber) is allergen and cholesterol free, as well as free from gluten and… Read More >

Lauric Arginate (LAE) are effective food grade antimicrobials based on the chemical Na-lauroyl-Larginine ethyl ester… Read More >

Sante Flavor Enhancers

While there is no shortage of natural flavors and artificial flavors in today’s food market, A&B Ingredients offers a unique line of natural, high quality… Read More >

PA5051® is a hearty probiotic whose natural properties survive both in nature as well as the through the harsh digestive system… Read More >

Vegetarian Meat Alternative Solutions System

Vegetarian alternatives remain a strong trend worldwide. In fact, according to the recently released Vegetarianism in America study, published by Vegetarian TimesRead More >