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A powerful antioxidant designed specifically for emulsion and water contained systems, CytoGuard® OX-WST can ensure quality and extend the shelf life of your food product.  It is especially well suited for delicate flavors and light colored applications.  A natural clean label antioxidant, CytoGuard OS-WST is suitable for all food applications including fresh and frozen, cooked and cured meats and fish; dressings, spreads and sauces; baked goods and extruded snacks; and powdered creamers and cereals.

CytoGuard OX-WST can also be used in nutraceutical and cosmetic applications including high ORAC and anti-allergenic supplemental capsules for total body defense.  It is also highly effective in anti-inflammatory body lotions and creams.

Benefits of CytoGuard OX-WST:Green Tea Leaves

  • Neutral taste
  • Heat stable (180o C/365o F)
  • Highly efficient for all food applications
  • Cold water soluble
  • Nutraceutical benefits
  • Naturally blended tea extracts
  • Clean label