Cytoguard Stat Shelf life extender and natural preservative. CytoGuard® Stat products are natural preservatives that are label friendly ingredients. CytoGuard Stat is specifically designed to increase shelf life and improve food safety. Offering a “natural flavor” label to food products CytoGuard Stat natural shelf life extenders are based on a proprietary blend of lignin fractions which are high in organic acids and other natural occurring compounds.

Our natural preservatives can be used in a variety of ways.  When combined with CytoGuard LA, CytoGuard Stat products are a cost effective way to extend product shelf life, provide natural preservation, reduce microbial contamination all with a clean label for natural and label conscious manufacturers.

CytoGuard Stat prevents spoilage in products over their shelf life by inhibiting microbial growth.The range of products can be used  in a wide range of food products, such as meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and non-dairy items – dips/dressings, refrigerated salads – as well as vegetable based food products. They can improve the product quality over the range of the shelf life the finished product.

CytoGuard Stat, natural preservatives, are an extremely versatile product range.  They can be incorporated into products, taking the place of water or they can be used as a surface treatment. The most typical use level is 1-2 percent of the finished product. CytoGuard Stat stands out in is its ability to perform against lactics without being affected by PH or other processing conditions. Among the benefits of CytoGuard Stat shelf life extenders are:

  • All natural
  • Clean label
  • Allergen and GMO-free
  • Organic compliant

Available in 3 grades – Stat-N, Stat-N Plus and Stat-HA

CytoGuard Stat from A&B Ingredients, a leading developer, marketer and distributor of high quality natural food ingredients. Among the products A&B provides are pea proteins, antioxidants, antimicrobials and natural and artificial flavors. Based on a tradition of research and development, A&B’s focus is to discover unique flavors and ingredients that enable its customers to create value-added products.