Probiotic SupplementsA probiotic supplement is widely used as a method of reintroducing  natural beneficial microrganisms to the body, but it is important to keep in mind how we got these organisms in the first place.  Over our lifetime, we are naturally exposed to Probiotics  in two ways.  The first is during birth and through infant feeding (breast milk).  The second is through environmental exposure, through the foods we consume.  Environmental exposure to probiotics, however, has become less and less significant today due to our changing diets and our heavy consumption of processed foods.   Our ancestors, on the other hand, were hunters and gatherers that survived by consuming raw foods from the land. These foods contained good amounts of environmental bacteria that ended up in their digestive systems and helped keep their digestive system in balance.

Most probiotic supplements are not stable in the harsh, acid environment of the stomach and never make it through the digestive system.  They tend to be based on bacteria found in our gut, but not robust enough to survive in the environment.  There is, however, a class of bacteria that survive in both. These bacteria are a sub-class of gram positive, lactic acid bacteria called Pediococcus Acidilactici.   P.Acidilactici is abundantly found in the digestive systems of many animals, especially grazing mammals. They are a true universal probiotic designed by nature to be able to survive in the environment for long periods of time, and then, when exposed to a host, naturally survive the harsh environment of the stomach and eventually make a home in the digestive system.

Our probiotic supplement, PA5051® is based on P.Acidilactici. It is a hearty probiotic that has the tools to survive in nature as well as through the digestive system.  Since PA5051 is extremely robust and stable it provides many important and beneficial functions in the host such as aiding in digestion, maintenance of the proper balance of good vs. bad bacteria and it helps support the immune system.

Among the advantages of our probiotic supplement, PA5051 are:

  • Able to withstand acid, oxygen exposure & temperatures up to 185°F
  • No special clean up required (Not a spore)
  • Compatible with carriers and other powders
  • Able to withstand pH as low as 1.5
  • Dry storage (no refrigeration required)
  • Strong survival over finished product shelf life
  • Compatible with antibioticsPA5051
  • Certified kosher

The Nutritional advantages of PA5051 probiotic supplement include:

  • Adapted environmental bacteria which is much more tolerant
  • Delivers live bacteria through digestive system to reach small and large intestines
  • Supports digestion and immunity
  • Compatible with antibiotics