Case Studies

Inhibiting Mold Naturally

CytoGuardWhen a commercial baker was faced with the problem of extending the shelf life of his baked goods, he went natural.  He went with CytoGuard® natural mold inhibitors from A&B Ingredients.

Mold spoilage accounts for the discarding of roughly 1.3 billion tons of food each year.  And, bakery goods contribute to about 200 million pounds of that mold spoilage waste.  A statistic which this company did not want to contribute.

“Today’s consumers are becoming much more aware of ingredient labels and they are looking for products with as clean a label as possible.  Being aware that researchers point to the fact that over 75% of consumers now consider an ingredient label when making a purchase, we needed an alternative to the chemical preservatives we were presently using,” says this manufacturer.

A&B Ingredients’ Managing Director, Gil Bakal, is quick to point out that CytoGuard natural mold inhibitors provides a natural alternative to chemical preservatives such as propionates, benzoates and sorbates. “It is a wholesome product that is all natural, non-GMO, non-allergenic, gluten-free and dairy free. It provides the food industry with a clean label solution to support their natural product positioning in the growing natural foods market.

Bakal notes that CytoGuard natural mold inhibitors takes advantage of the powerful mold inhibition and antioxidant potential of the phenolic compounds and omega 3’s naturally found in flaxseed and oregano.  As a result, it also does not impact the flavor or taste profile of food.

Among the benefits of CytoGuard natural mold inhibitors are:

  • Water soluble liquid
  • Effective at neutral pH
  • No off flavors or odors
  • Clean label
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free and dairy free
  • Certified Kosher

“Today’s society has come to understand the importance of the ingredients in foods they consume.  As a result, they are selecting healthier, more nutritional foods. Clear and clean labels have become the new consumer buzzword,” said Bakal.  This food manufacturer would have to agree.