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March 12, 2014  |  by Scott Johnson  |  Source:

Medical professionals and scientists are scrambling to find answers to the growing crisis of superbugs and hospital-acquired infections. And according to materials released March 12, 2014, Caltech researchers suggest they may have found a viable and cost-effective answer – probiotics. Through extensive research scientists are beginning to understand the far-reaching benefits of a healthy population of gut microbes, including reducing systemic inflammation, supporting digestion, relieving inflammatory bowel diseases, aiding the immune system and influencing behavioral disorders. Consumers are also becoming ... Read more →

February 3, 2014  |  by Nicole Ostrow  |  Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

High sugar consumption may double the chance of dying from heart disease, according to a study that adds to evidence that high levels of the sweetener in processed foods and drink is bad for a person’s health. People whose sugar intake is about a quarter or more of their total daily calories had twice the risk of dying from heart disease than those who whose intake was 7 percent, according to the research today in JAMA Internal Medicine. For those ... Read more →

February 13, 2013  |  by Keith Nunes  |  Source:

The American Beverage Association contends the number of calories per beverage serving has declined 23% since 1998. WASHINGTON — A 54-page petition filed with the Food and Drug Administration by the Centers for Science in the Public Interest details what the group calls “substantial scientific evidence that added sugars, especially in drinks, causes weight gain, obesity and chronic diseases.” The group is asking the F.D.A. to establish a safe limit of sweeteners in soft drinks. The American Beverage ... Read more →