Press Releases

March 2, 2017

Fairfield, NJ, March 2, 2017 – Much has been written about the positive effects of probiotics on human health.  And, as soaring sales indicate, more and more consumers are including probiotics into their daily diet.  With all the benefits possible by simply increasing the intake of probiotic-rich foods and supplements, pet owners are now also discovering that these microorganisms can be beneficial for their canine pets as well. According to Gil Bakal, A&B Ingredients Managing Director, recent studies show that ... Read more →

February 28, 2017

Fairfield, NJ, November 17, 2016 – A&B Ingredients, a leader in providing unique ingredients to the food and beverage industry, announced a strategic alliance with German-based Hydrosol GmbH & Co. for representation of its complete vegetarian meat alternatives systems within North America.  The Hydrosol system solutions let manufacturers offer a wide range of meatless products, including vegetarian sausages like wieners, hot dogs, turkey and emulsified meats, as well as vegetarian ground “meat” that can be used in various applications. Hydrosol ... Read more →

September 6, 2016

Introducing CytoGuard® OX-WST and CytoGuard® OX-OST Antioxidants Fairfield, NJ, September 6, 2016 – A&B Ingredients announced the availability of two new powerful naturally blended CytoGuard antioxidants — CytoGuard®  OX-WST and CytoGuard®  OX-OST.  Providing a clean label solution that addresses the problems of oxidation in food manufacturing, A&B Ingredients’ new Cytoguard antioxidants are based on a natural blend of tea extracts. In making the announcement, Gil Bakal, A&B Ingredients Managing Director said, “We know that rancidity in certain foods is the ... Read more →