Case Studies

Taking it with a grain of salt…low sodium sea salt

While salt reduction has become more than just a buzzword for the food industry, food processors are quick to point out the rapid rise to prominence of low sodium sea salt among consumers.  As one food ingredients company notes, “potassium chloride has become the choice substitute for sodium chloride by the industry.”  Unfortunately, the bitter notes of potassium chloride impacts the taste profile of the finished product, which often leaves consumers with a bad taste.  Until now.

What this company discovered was Two Seas Sea Salt®.  A natural low sodium sea salt, Two Seas Sea Salt is harvested through a proprietary manufacturing process that combines salts from two seas – the mineral rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea.  The result is sea salt containing 50% less sodium without affecting the taste profile of foods.

The lower sodium content of Two Seas Sea Salt helps counter high sodium intake that has been directly associated to hypertension, a major cause of cardio vascular disease. And, the effectiveness of the natural properties of sea salt contains many essential trace minerals the body requires.

Two Seas Sea Salt’s natural properties were a major consideration for use for this food manufacturer, as the average American consumes somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to 10 grams per day of salt, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). With salt approximately 40% sodium by weight, this converts to roughly the equivalent of 2,900 to 4,300 mg of sodium. Harvested from living oceans and saline seas, Two Seas Sea Salt contains less sodium, yet can be used in the same 1:1 ratio as regular table salt.

A&B Ingredients offers a range of Two Seas Sea Salt products with various sodium reductions depending on the application. All Two Seas Sea Salt products offer the foodservice industry a sea salt that not only provides less sodium, but also does not affect the taste profile of foods.

When compared to other salts, Two Seas Sea Salt has consistently outperformed others. The proprietary manufacturing process and the combination of salts from both the mineral rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea are the key reasons for its natural taste. Additionally, the combination of natural elements also enables A&B Ingredients to offer the new sea salt products in a cost effective manner.