pea fiber

Our pea fiber is an all-natural non-GMO product extracted from the endosperm of the yellow pea that contains both dietary fiber and starch

Pea Cell Wall Fiber

Pea fiber is extremely well-suited for enhancing both texture and yield in formed meat and poultry products. It forms a matrix within the meat or poultry paste and acts as a shape retention agent.  It aids in controlling cooking losses while keeping the product tender, juicy and in its original form through the cooking process. In addition, it also functions as a meat extender, thus increasing product yield without sacrificing texture and quality.

Our pea fiber is derived from the endosperm of yellow peas and is extracted without the use of organic solvents or chemicals. Thus, the product has a clean label. This fiber binds water much like a sponge and releases it under strong mechanical actions such as chewing, thereby providing excellent juiciness to a multitude of foods. It can bind 10 parts of water by capillary uptake in cold conditions and also acts as a terrific emulsifier to bind fats. Additionally, gelatinization of the linked starch granules provides a supplementary buffer to the water binding capacity during heating.

Benefits Include:

  • An increase in product stability reduces cooking losses
  • Value-added alternative for protein in meats— 50-100% replacement
  • Reduces variations in meat quality by acting as a buffer for meat inconsistencies
  • Improves juiciness and stability while reducing cooking losses