Pea Proteins For Baked Goods & Bars

Pea Proteins For Baked Goods & Bars

New pea protein meets the growing needs for high protein baked goods & bars

A&B Ingredients has recently introduced its new plant-based pea protein addressing the challenges of incorporating plant-based proteins into baked goods and bars. This new pea protein was created to meet the growing needs of manufacturers of high protein baked goods, including protein bars, granola bars, bread products and extruded crisps.

Traditional proteins tend to have a drying effect over time.  While the product may initially look good, in a few short months, it can dry, crumble and lose elasticity.  Our newest pea protein addresses that problem. It is designed to allow for higher protein fortification levels, without impacting the texture of the finished product or the dough matrix, specifically in the application of protein fortification in bars and baked goods.

As market reports continue to show that the growth in nutrition products far outpace overall food and drinks spending, the addition of our new nutritional pea protein gives food manufacturers a boost in creating high levels of nutrition and functionality to baked goods and bars.

Our pea proteins are produced in Belgium from sustainably grown peas grown in cooperation with farmers in the South of France using solvent-free extraction. It has a low environmental impact, compared with other proteins.  Among its many benefits are clean-label, low allergenicity and non-GMO status.