VEGAN DELI MEAT — Sample Application

A&B applications team formulated this VEGAN DELI MEAT application using our line of innovative, plant-based, clean label ingredients, including Vegi-Bind EM. This is a sample vegan deli meat recipe that reduces your time on R&D and helps you get to market sooner with a premium, delicious vegetarian product. You will have full formulation control and can custom flavor your product to taste like: smoked ham, roast beef, bologna, chicken and turkey, and more.


  1. All-Allergen Free
  2. Vegan (No Egg, No Soy, No Wheat)
  3. Gluten-Free
  4. Great Texture and Taste That Mimics Traditional Cold Cuts
  5. Highly Customizable with Flavors: Ham, Bologna, Roast Beef, Chicken & Turkey, Mortadella
  6. Ease of Processing
  7. Flexible Formulation Adaptable to Different Product Designs (Sliced, Cubed, Diced, and More)
  8. You Have Full Control, Flexibility, and Ownership of the Formulation




A&B’s sales and applications teams are happy to offer our technical support and processing assistance as you develop your plant-based products. Backed by 30 years of formulation expertise and a fully equipped applications lab, we can guarantee a personalized approach when we assist you with new product development or design a turn-key solution for your next innovative project.