Naturally Speaking – Natural Mold and Yeast Inhibitors
June 9, 2016  |  by: By Gil Bakal, Managing Director, A&B Ingredients
Bread covered with mold

A&B Ingredients has recently added high potency natural mold and yeast inhibitors which are receiving widespread accolades within the food industry. And rightfully so, as food processors seek out natural alternatives to chemical and artificial preservatives such as propionates, benzoates, and sorbates.

Why the buzz surrounding them? CytoGuard® natural mold inhibitors take advantage of the powerful mold inhibition and antioxidant potential of the phenolic compounds, omega 3’s, along with natural organic acids found in the product… and it works.

These natural mold and yeast inhibitors are also non-GMO, non-allergenic, gluten-free, and dairy-free, thus providing the baking industry with a clean label solution to support their natural product positioning in the ever-growing natural foods market. This is particularly important as today’s society has come to understand the value of natural, clean labels for the foods they consume. We know that consumers are purchasing healthier, nutritional foods and are reading labels before making their purchases and this ingredient is yet another solution A&B has added to their portfolio to meet the industry’s needs.

Food Spoilage

Each year over 1.3 billion tons of food are discarded, of which mold spoilage plays a significant role. In fact, studies show that bakery products contribute roughly 200 million pounds of product to mold spoilage waste, representing a very costly problem.  Natural mold inhibitors have been shown to be highly effective in baked goods, bakery fillings, frostings, and inclusions which can prove extremely beneficial in significantly reducing spoilage. Additionally, we note that recent tests have demonstrated the ability of CytoGuard natural mold and yeast inhibitors to inhibit yeast and mold growth in dairy products such as sour cream and cheese, as well as refrigerated dips and salsa. The list of applications for this natural, powerful ingredient continues to grow.

CytoGuard natural mold inhibitor is available in liquid form and can be formulated directly into products or it can be diluted in water and applied as a spray.

Benefits of CytoGuard natural mold and yeast inhibitors:

• Water-soluble liquid
• Effective at neutral pH
• No off flavors or odors
• Clean label
• Non-GMO
• Certified Kosher
• Gluten and dairy-free

For over 25 years, A&B Ingredients has provided the food and beverage marketplace with a wide variety of unique ingredients products like CytoGuard YM designed to fulfill needs in the marketplace for health and nutrition, food safety, extended shelf life, and clean labels. Founded on a tradition of research and development, we partner with our customers in the creation of a unique combination of various technology platforms, product development skills, and application expertise — all combined with keen market knowledge and professional expertise.

Today, A&B Ingredients continues this tradition by providing technical sales and marketing, importing, distribution, and applications development/technical services to the food and fine chemical industries. We have spent nearly four decades building a strong network of assets, capabilities, and expertise. Our technical resources, pilot plant, application labs, and microbiological testing has positioned us as leaders in unique ingredients for a wide variety of applications.

Today, as a reliable supplier of a unique range of vegetable proteins, natural mold inhibitors, low sodium sea salts, antimicrobials, natural shelf life extenders, probiotics, natural flavor enhancers, and natural antioxidants, A&B Ingredients remains committed to helping improve the performance and value of many of today’s products.

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