Naturally Speaking – Pisane® Pea Protein A Top 10 Choice
September 6, 2017  |  by: Gil Bakal, Managing Director, A&B Ingredients
pea protein isolate

One of the extremely viable plant-based protein sources comes from yellow peas. Far more sustainable than animal-based protein, pea protein easily allows for the formulation of high-quality protein-enriched foods. And today, food manufacturers are looking more to the benefits of using pea protein in their formulations than ever before.

It seems that food manufacturers are not the only group to take notice of pea proteins. FoodBev Media voted pea protein as one of the top 10 food and beverage trends for 2017 saying “Pea protein is sustainable, non-allergenic and natural. It’s made from ground dried yellow peas with no added preservatives – exactly what the name implies. In 2016, health brands such as Bolthouse Farms and Bob’s Red Mill began to feature peas. The real story, however, is the Beyond Burger, the much-hyped burger alternative that even bleeds like real meat. It’s made from pea protein isolates and recently became available in the meat section at Whole Foods Market.”

The, in a recent article, noted pea protein’s rise to fame “probably because it crosses over into so many other trends – high-protein diets, plant-based eating, and those avoiding meat, gluten and dairy.”

“You can buy pea milk to replace cow or soya milk; gym-goers can choose pea protein powder over whey shakes. You can get high-protein pizzas made with pea flour, pea-protein sauces, protein bars made from the stuff, and some gyms add it to pancakes and smoothies. According to Mintel, the number of products containing pea protein grew by 195% between 2013 and 2016.”

A pretty good review.

It’s easy to understand why the attention. One of the unique benefits of pea protein isolates is that they can replace a significant percentage of other proteins in many food products without impacting the color, taste, or texture of the product. This is especially important when considering the ever-growing move toward all-natural, clean-label ingredients. Time after time, pea protein isolates have proven to be one of the most tolerated and accepted protein sources minus any high allergy issues.  As an added benefit, they are also grown in a more environmentally sustainable way than animal or soy alternatives.

Since introducing Pisane® pea protein isolates to our natural, clean label ingredients roster, we have seen a marked increase in interest-driven by health consciousness consumer demand for plant proteins.  Much of this demand is directly linked to high-protein diets, as well as the continuing growth in vegetarianism.  As a result, A&B Ingredients now offers a wide range of pea protein isolates that are supplied in a variety of forms.  All are ideal for health-conscious foods and diets based on a low glycemic index (GI) and/or high protein intake. They are all non-genetically modified (non-GMO) pea protein isolates containing 85% to 90% protein. They are highly digestible (>98%), gluten-free and they exhibit low incidents of allergens and low levels of anti-nutritional factors.

A&B Ingredients is able to continue to feed the increased demand for this exceptional protein product thanks to the 2015 expansion of pea protein isolate product capacity at Cosucra’s Belgium production facility. This state-of-the-art Belgian facility uses only locally grown peas that are certified free of any genetic modification, thus enabling Pisane’s nutritional properties perfect for use in diverse applications like nutritional bars, granola bars, bread products, and high protein shakes, and extruded crisps.

Additional benefits of pea protein include:

  • Rich in Lysine and Arginine amino acids
  • Non-dairy
  • Lactose-free
  • Low levels of anti-nutritional factors
  • Kosher and Halal certified

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that pea protein is rated in the top 10!

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