April 6, 2017  |  by: Gil Bakal, Managing Director, A&B Ingredients
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We are all aware of the positive health effects that increasing our intake of probiotic-rich foods and supplements have on our health.  Now, more and more pet owners are curious if the same holds true for their dogs.

And, according to recent studies, the answer is yes.

One such study shows that probiotics do have a positive influence on the canine digestion and immune system. For example, research results from A&B Ingredients’ recently introduced PA5051 probiotic supplement, note that dogs with atopic dermatitis have a marked improvement as a result of using a pediococcus-based probiotic (PA5051).

PA5051 probiotic was shown to normalize digestive function and improve the immune response which helps promote a healthy skin condition and coat in dogs.

The results of this study, listed below, were based on canines using pediococcus acidilactici PA5051 probiotic-based supplement with Atopic Dermatitis. The results show the relationship between pediococcus-based probiotic treatment and the level of IgE on these dogs.

Probiotics Treatment

# of dogs IgE (ng/ml) Itch Score Index
Before 21 8257.57

+/- 4519.93

After 21 2787.71

+/- 1948.74





+/- 4806.35

Dosage: MitomaxSUPER™ size 3,< 5kg, 4 capsules; 5-10 kg, 6 capsules; 10-15 kg, 8 capsules; 15-20kg, 10 capsules

In a field evaluation of pediococcus-based probiotics on dogs with digestive disorders, both alone and in conjunction with other drugs, the following graph shows significant improvement in the canine’s condition.

Drugs + MitoMaxSuperR (n=77)                                  MitoMaxSuperR (n=15)

C.R. = Complete Improvement

G.I. = Good Improvement

M.I. = Moderate Improvement

S.I. – Slight Improvement

The results of this field test showed 86.7% of dogs that took the pediococcus-based probiotics completely recovered.


What makes pediococcus acidilactici so effective?  Most probiotic supplements are not stable in the harsh, acid environment of the stomach and never make it through the digestive system.  These probiotics tend to be based on bacteria found in our gut.  But, they are not robust enough to survive in the environment.  A sub-class of gram-positive, lactic acid bacteria can survive in both. This probiotic sub-class is pediococcus acidilactici.

P.Acidilactici is abundantly found in the digestive systems of many animals, especially grazing mammals. They are a true universal probiotic designed by nature to be able to survive in the environment for long periods of time, and then, when exposed to a host, naturally survive the harsh environment of the stomach and eventually make a home in the digestive system.

PA5051 is based on P.Acidilactici. Cultivated from wild switch grass, it is a hearty probiotic.  Because of its ability to survive naturally harsh conditions, PA5051 can successfully travel through the stomach’s acidic environment and into the intestines and colon alive, conferring health benefits to both humans and animals.  Many other probiotics are unable to survive the journey through the digestive tract at high enough rates to confer health benefits.  Resistant to oxygen and high temperatures up to 185o F, PA5051 provides many important and beneficial functions in the host such as aiding in digestion, maintenance of the proper balance of good vs. bad bacteria, and helps support the immune system.

Among the advantages of PA5051 probiotic supplements are:

  • Able to withstand acid, oxygen exposure & temperatures up to 185°F
  • No special clean up required (Not a spore)
  • Compatible with carriers and other powders
  • Able to withstand pH as low as 1.5
  • Dry storage (no refrigeration required)
  • Strong survival over the finished product shelf life
  • Compatible with antibiotics

In a recent article in Dogs Naturally Magazine, Patricia Jordan DVM, noted “Some experts think you should only give your dog probiotics when she has a digestive upset when she’s under stress, or if she’s been taking antibiotics or other conventional medication.

“But I believe that probiotics are such an essential part of your dog’s health that you should give them all the time.”

It is no wonder, that with this type of care, dogs are man’s best friend!








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