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Fairfield, NJ, February 26, 2018 – The results of a recent study undertaken by A&B Ingredients confirms treatment of fresh meats in a dilution of a new lauric arginate formulation significantly improved the quality and safety of fresh meats. According to A&B Ingredients’ findings, fresh meat cubes treated with its new lauric arginate formulation achieved a 1.5 log reduction in spoilage organisms. Additionally, as an added benefit, results indicated fresh meat products treated with the lauric arginate formulation had a brighter color and less off-odor vs the untreated products.

Commenting on the findings, Gil Bakal, A&B Ingredients’ Managing Director, notes the study was designed to explore the benefits of using a lauric arginate solution as a treatment for raw meat products. It also has implications for potentially improving quality and food safety on other raw meat products such as chicken and pork.

Observation and organoleptic quality were recorded over a 10-day period.  The illustration below represents spoilage on day 4.

A&B Ingredient's latest study results show new Lauric Arginate formulation significantly improves quality and safety of fresh meats. The illustration below represents spoilage on day 4.

The illustration below represents spoilage on day 4.

“It can be surmised that the impact on the APC in this study is also expected to have positive results in reducing pathogenic organisms including listeria, salmonella, and e. Coli,” said Bakal.

Bakal further noted that lauric arginate is a low-cost option for meat processors to improve quality and food safety, and in many cases, requires no label as lauric arginate is permitted in raw meat products as a processing aid.

Among the additional benefits of lauric arginate are:

  • Wide spectrum of activity against a broad range of bacteria
  • Derived from natural compounds
  • High partition coefficient (>10), which means the product concentrates in the water phase of products, where most bacterial action occurs
  • No flavor impact
  • Extremely low usage rates
  • Stable up to one year
  • Allergen, GMO, and Dairy-Free

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