Case Studies

Finding That Savory Taste

Sweet, sour, salty and bitter. These are the four basic tastes. Or are they? At least that was what one food processor thought until he learned that there are actually five. Neither sweet, sour, bitter, or salty, umami is the fifth taste That fifth basic taste is umami. Neither sweet, sour, bitter, or salty, umami is the savory flavor. And, what this food processor soon learned... Read More

Probiotics Goes To The Dogs

When a manufacturer of pet health food products was searching for a probiotic supplement that would aid in normalization of the digestive function and help improve the immune response, they discovered what they were looking for in PA5051®. And more. Gil Bakal, Managing Director for A&B Ingredients explains, "Recent studies demonstrate that probiotics can have a positive influence on both... Read More

Inhibiting Mold Naturally

When a commercial baker was faced with the problem of extending the shelf life of his baked goods, he went natural. He went with CytoGUARD® natural mold inhibitors from A&B Ingredients. Mold spoilage accounts for the discarding of roughly 1.3 billion tons of food each year. And, bakery goods contribute to about 200 million pounds of that mold spoilage waste. A statistic which this... Read More

Taking It With A Grain Of Salt... Low Sodium Sea Salt

While salt reduction has become more than just a buzzword for the food industry, food processors are quick to point out the rapid rise to prominence of low sodium sea salt among consumers. As one food ingredients company notes, "potassium chloride has become the choice substitute for sodium chloride by the industry." Unfortunately, the bitter notes of potassium chloride impact the... Read More

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