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A&B Ingredients is a manufacturer and supplier of CytoGUARD® food quality solutions, which include ingredients providing food safety and shelf life extension. Since 2006, we have focused on understanding the food quality and food formulation challenges and finding consumer-friendly and cost-effective solutions to maintain quality and extend the shelf life.

CytoGUARD® SAFETY and CytoGUARD® FRESH ingredient portfolios deliver the power of functional, plant-based ingredients to help food manufacturers meet safety and quality standards, prevent food recalls, extend shelf life, reduce food waste, and win consumers' trust.

Our solutions include yeast and mold inhibitors, antimicrobials, antioxidants, and natural flavors for freshness and taste.

CytoGUARD® products help food manufacturers guard foods against off-flavors, pathogens, yeast and molds. Our products also protect against oxidation, and microbial spoilage, while providing shelf life extension benefits.

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CytoGUARD® SAFETY portfolio includes effective, food-grade antimicrobials that offer the ultimate pathogen control and food safety protection.

American food and beverage products are among the safest in the world. But, despite comprehensive food safety programs, and rigorous governmental oversight, we still hear about the unfortunate contamination incidents and foodborne illness outbreaks.

Food safety is of the utmost importance throughout every stage of the food chain, from farm to fork. For manufacturers, it is critical to have correct safety protocols and procedures, spoilage and pathogens control in place throughout the entire manufacturing process. It is also important to ensure that they can deliver quality food that is free from harmful microbial, chemical, or physical agents. Without proper pathogen control, people are at high risk of developing foodborne illnesses and poisoning.

When products become unsafe, a food company is forced to recall such products from the store shelves to protect the consumer. Even the most well-established and admired companies may be involved in product recalls. It has become critical for food operators to boost their food safety measures to reduce the risk of product contamination and recalls. Product recalls are damaging to the company's brand and reputation, not to mention the financial implications of food recalls.

CytoGUARD® LA is an effective tool for reliable pathogenic and spoilage bacteria control that provides a measure of protection for food manufacturers. CytoGUARD® LA is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial and an effective tool against foodborne pathogens, such as Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella, and spoilage bacteria.

A&B Ingredients is a trusted manufacturer of Lauric Arginate, and your resource providing technical support and assistance to food manufacturers to adapt and use CytoGUARD® LA in your specific applications.

Protect your brand and your customers with CytoGUARD®.


Inhibit Yeast & Molds, Control Spoilage, Maintain Quality & Freshness, Control Oxidation, Extend Shelf Life, Protect Color Properties, Protect Flavor


CytoGUARD® FRESH portfolio of natural flavors protects taste and freshness, maintains the sensorial quality of food, and extends shelf life naturally. Additional benefits include oxidation and microbial spoilage control.

The sensory characteristics of food are important attributes of food quality, which include taste, flavor, appearance, and freshness. Consumers trust food manufacturers to provide fresh, safe products that are enjoyable to eat and maintain quality over shelf life.

CytoGUARD® FRESH solutions help food manufacturers protect the fresh flavor profile and guard against off-flavors, which are important elements of shelf life extension. CytoGUARD® provides a measure of protection for your product's taste, color, and flavor while helping extend the shelf life and maintain consumers' trust.

CytoGUARD® FRESH portfolio includes fermentates, natural plant-based flavors, and antioxidants. These clean label ingredients help food manufacturers maintain the taste, quality, and color properties of food. These benefits can help extend shelf life and keep food fresher longer. Shelf life extension is achieved by addressing such food preservation issues as yeast and mold growth and microbial spoilage.

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