CytoGUARD LA Lauric Arginate Antimicrobials Achieve 4 Log Reduction In Combating Salmonella

Fairfield, NJ -- A&B Ingredients announced that its CytoGUARD® LA Lauric Arginate line of antimicrobial products is now able to achieve a 4 log reduction in reducing pathogens including Salmonella. The announcement, according to A&B Ingredients, is timely in light of the recent U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) proposed new federal standards to reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter in ground chicken and turkey products as well as raw chicken breasts, legs, and wings.

Meat contamination and tainted food concept with a raw red beef steak infected with dangerous bacteria as Salmonella resulting in health dangers and biohazard medical situation as a symbol of a health risk. CytoGUARD antimicrobials are able to reduce pathogens including Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. Coli, yeast, molds, and Lactobacillus.

FSIS reports that for chicken parts, ground chicken, and ground turkey, they are proposing a pathogen reduction performance standard designed to achieve at least a 30 percent reduction in illnesses from Salmonella. For chicken parts, ground chicken, and ground turkey, FSIS is proposing a pathogen reduction performance standard designed to reduce illness from Campylobacter by at least 19 and as much as 37 percent.

A&B Ingredients' Managing Director Gil Bakal notes, "Since the introduction of our CytoGUARD antimicrobials we have continued to make significant strides in improving its effectiveness in combating pathogens. We are extremely pleased to report that the results of our most recent challenging tests have yielded a 4 log reduction, or 99.99%, in reducing Salmonella in raw chicken parts. This is a major step forward in assisting meat and poultry manufacturers to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses."

"We know that for the most part, foodborne illnesses are a result of eating foods that are contaminated with bacteria, parasites, or viruses. CytoGUARD antimicrobials significantly reduce bacterial levels by disrupting the cell membranes of the microbes," says Bakal.

According to Bakal, what makes CytoGUARD antimicrobials so unique is their efficacy in reducing pathogens while having a low toxicity profile. "The antimicrobial properties of CytoGUARD are derived from its action on the cytoplasmic membranes of the microorganisms. CytoGUARD causes a disruption or instability of the plasma membrane lipid bilayer, altering the metabolic process and detaining the cellular cycle," he says.

The A&B Managing Director points out that CytoGUARD is a clean label solution that is particularly effective not only against Salmonella Listeria but Campylobacter, E. Coli, yeast, molds, and Lactobacillus as well.

Among the benefits of CytoGUARD are:

  • Broad-spectrum of the antimicrobial efficacy
  • High partition coefficient (>10), means the product concentrates in the water phase of products, where most bacterial action occurs
  • Activity over a wide pH range (3 to 7)
  • Clean label declaration
  • Generally regarded as safe
  • Stable up to one year
  • Stable in pH ranges 3-9
  • A clear liquid flavorless liquid that will not affect the appearance or flavor of food products

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