Probiotics Goes To The Dogs

When a manufacturer of pet health food products was searching for a probiotic supplement that would aid in normalization of the digestive function and help improve the immune response, they discovered what they were looking for in PA5051®. And more.

Gil Bakal, Managing Director for A&B Ingredients explains, "Recent studies demonstrate that probiotics can have a positive influence on both canine digestion and immune system. In particular, our research results show not only does PA5051 have a positive influence on canine digestion and immune system but also exhibits a marked improvement in dogs with atopic dermatitis.

"In short, PA5051 probiotics were shown to normalize digestive function and improve the immune response which helps promote a healthy skin condition and coat in dogs."

Listed below are the results of the recent study referenced above using pediococcus acidilactici PA5051 probiotic-based supplement. This study showed the relationship between Pediococcus-based probiotic treatment and the level of IgE on dogs with Atopic Dermatitis.

Probiotics Treatment# of dogsIgE (ng/ml)Itch Score Index

+/- 4519.93

+/- 1948.74

+/- 4806.35

Dosage: Mitomax SUPER™ size 3,< 5kg, 4 capsules; 5-10 kg, 6 capsules; 10-15 kg, 8 capsules; 15-20kg, 10 capsules

PA5051 is a unique natural, plant-based non-spore forming probiotic that is proven to aid in chronic digestive disorders among animals and humans. Derived from wild grasses, PA5051 works extremely well with antibiotics, steroids and immune suppressors functioning as an immune modulator to lower inflammation."

This novel probiotic is a natural lactic acid probiotic that is non-spore forming, thus it does not require any specialized handling or clean up procedures. Because it is cultivated from nature and it can withstand stresses that most probiotics are not able to tolerate.

More recently, PA5051 has been issued a new patent as a method for treatment of chronic digestive diseases. The new patent covers both inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) and nonspecific enteropathy (NEP) and can be used as a treatment for both humans and animals.

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