A&B Ingredients Partners with BDF Natural Ingredients to Distribute PROBIND TG Enzyme

Fairfield, NJ, -- A&B Ingredients, a leader in providing unique, clean label and functional ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industry, is pleased to announce a collaboration with BDF Natural Ingredients, Spain. A&B Ingredients will distribute BDF's innovative enzyme ingredients, PROBIND® Transglutaminase Enzyme, to the North American market.

A&B Ingredients is proud to be chosen as a partner and distributor for BDF Natural Ingredients in the U.S. BDF is a leading Spain-based Biotech company specializing in the research and manufacturing of Transglutaminase products, innovative ingredients, additives, and blends for the food industry. They are a trusted ingredients supplier with over 20 years of experience serving European and global markets; FSSC 22000, Halal, and Kosher certified.

"We are excited to form a strategic partnership with A&B Ingredients which will help us continue our global expansion. We have uncovered many technical synergies between our companies and now see A&B Ingredients as a perfect partner to support our growth in the U.S. market," said Maria Gorgas Ros, Business Director at BDF Natural Ingredients.

Gil Bakal, Managing Director, A&B Ingredients, stated, "We are thrilled to partner with BDF Natural Ingredients and bring their Transglutaminase enzyme to the North American market. Our internal research has proved the superior quality and distinguished functionality of the BDF's products. And now, we are excited to offer these exceptional ingredients to our customers. We are happy to provide ingredient samples, along with the full technical support from our sales and applications teams."

PROBIND® is one of the leading products worldwide in the Transglutaminase (TG) category, with distinguished protein binding properties and many applications in meat, fish, dairy, and vegan products. PROBIND® ingredients are allergen-free and used to bind proteins together, improve food texture, or create new products.

PROBIND® series includes high-quality functional blends containing the TG enzyme formulated to improve the properties of the final food products.

Main product characteristics:

  • Non-allergenic
  • GRAS-certified
  • Enhances the textural and gelation properties of protein
  • Improves firmness, viscosity, thermo-stability, and moisture retention in meat and fish products
  • Improves viscosity and mouthfeel in cultured non-dairy products, including vegan yogurts and vegan sour cream
  • Enhances gelatin properties of proteins and improves the firmness in low-sodium hot dogs and sausages

For meat and fish applications

PROBIND® helps improve firmness, elasticity, thermo-stability, and liquid retention capacities in meat and seafood products. This enzyme can be used in all types of meat and fish and transform meat and fish trimmings with no commercial value into standardized portions with high added value.

For dairy applications

PROBIND® works by increasing the cheese yield and improving texture in full-fat and skimmed yogurt and cheeses while reducing the cost.
For Plant-based and vegan applications

PROBIND® has been successfully used in vegan applications, like emulsified vegan frankfurters, plant-based yogurt, plant-based cheese, and vegetarian burgers.

Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme found in humans, animals, and plants. It has been used as a food ingredient for over ten years. The FDA classifies TG as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).


BDF Natural Ingredients is a Biotech company specialized in the research, manufacture, and commercialization of innovative and technological additives for the Food and Nutrition & Cosmetics industries. BDF Natural Ingredients has extended know-how and experience in the development, application, and use of enzymes, proteins, clean-label solutions, antioxidants, and starter cultures. BDF Natural Ingredients operates globally, with headquarters in Spain (Europe) and offices in China and the United States of America.

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