A&B Ingredients Expands Plant Protein Line With Textured Faba Bean Proteins

Fairfield, NJ - A&B Ingredients, a leader in providing unique, clean label, and functional ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industry, announced today that it expanded its line of plant-based, functional ingredients with Texta Feve, textured Faba bean proteins. The new line of clean-tasting textured Faba bean proteins is ideal for plant-based meat products and will be presented at the IFT 2022 Annual Event and Expo, July 10 -- 13, in Chicago, IL.

"The new textured Faba bean proteins add to our comprehensive portfolio of plant protein ingredients and offers our customers an excellent solution for texturizing plant-based meats. Faba beans have a cleaner taste with no lingering legume aftertaste compared to alternatives. This makes Texta Feve a superior product that can be used to create better-tasting products with meat-like texture and improved bite in plant-based meat applications," explained Gil Bakal, Managing Director at A&B Ingredients.

Variety of plant based meat, food to reduce carbon footprint

The new textured Faba bean protein portfolio is well suited for use in meat analogs and plant-based foods, creating a familiar meat-like texture and bite. Meat analogs are a fast-growing market sector with 1.4 billion dollar sales in 2021. Renowned for sustainability and health benefits, plant proteins from Faba beans offer high protein content, clean taste, and application versatility.

New Texta Feve textured Faba bean proteins offer superior functionality, including high water-binding capacity, and have a cleaner taste profile compared to plant proteins from other sources. It is a natural, allergen-free protein and is a popular alternative to soy and wheat protein products. The product has higher process tolerance, providing an enhanced meat-patty structure in plant-based burgers.

Texta Feve Textured Faba Bean Protein Product Advantages:

  • Clean Taste
  • High Water Binding Capacity
  • Free from common allergens
  • High Protein Content
  • Improves Texture In Plant-Based Applications
  • Lower Environmental Impact Compared to Other Protein Sources
  • Improved Process Tolerance

"Since 2008, we have provided clean-label, allergen-free plant proteins to the food industry, supporting our clients each step of the way to the plant-based food revolution. We continue to innovate and discover new and natural solutions to creating better-tasting, better-for-you products. Our ingredient portfolio has versatile solutions to meet healthy eating and plant-based food trends. From clean-label plant proteins, fiber, functional starches, and textured proteins to shelf-stable probiotics and sodium-reduction ingredients, we offer solutions to meet the needs of food manufacturers developing new, healthier, better-for-you foods," said Bakal.



A&B Ingredients provides natural, clean-label ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industry with a focus on health and nutrition, food safety, and quality. A&B Ingredient's portfolio includes plant-based proteins, textured vegetable proteins, natural and clean-label functional starches, pea and chicory root fiber, shelf-stable probiotics, low sodium sea salt, natural flavor enhancement, enzymes, natural antioxidants, antimicrobials, and yeast and mold inhibitors.

For more information about Texta Feve textured faba bean proteins, please, contact us at info@abingredients.com or call 973-227-1390.

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