Multifunctional Pea Fiber Improves Stability, Texture and Yield in Meat and Poultry Products

SWELITE® Clean Label Vegetable Fiber Formulation Aides In Shape Retention

Fairfield, NJ, July 29, 2013 -- A&B Ingredients reports that much of the success to date with its recently introduced Swelite® pea fiber lies in its ability to not only improve the stability and texture of the final product, but the yield as well.

Specifically designed for use in ground meat and poultry products such as patties, meatballs and nuggets, Swelite is a multifunctional, non-genetically modified (GMO) pea fiber. An important aspect in today's food processing industry, states A&B Ingredients Managing Director Gil Bakal.

He says, "Containing both dietary fiber and starch ingredients, Swelite can reduce cooking losses while improving stability in the processing of ground meat and poultry products. As an added benefit, Swelite also aids in the shape retention of patties, meatballs and nuggets.

He points out studies show that Swelite replaces 50-100% of a protein source while improving juiciness, thus enabling the ground meat and poultry products to retain their shape after frying or baking. Retention is achieved because of Swelite's excellent water-binding properties. It can bind 10 parts of water by capillary uptake in cold conditions. Additionally, gelatinization of the starch granules provides a supplementary buffer to the water binding capacity.

According to Bakal, Swelite forms a matrix when added to ground meat. It acts as a shape retention agent, controlling cooking losses and keeping the product in its original form. In addition, Swelite also acts as a meat extender, thus increasing product economy with the same texture and yield.

When added to patties or meatballs in formulations high in meat (80% meat), Swelite can be added dry after grinding and adding water. Salt and other dry ingredients are added after Swelite is dispersed. In formulations low in meat (50% meat), a cold 1/5/5 pre-emulsion of Swelite and meat can be added at any time during the recipe of preparation. In formulations using texturized vegetable protein (TVP), pre-hydrated TVP, dry ingredients, and Swelite are added prior to the ground meat.

Bakal further notes that the formulation of poultry nuggets using Swelite is easily accomplished. He states, "Simply add Swelite to the poultry meats, shape and coat as usual. Swelite does not impact the processing of the nuggets."

Other benefits of Swelite are:

  • Increase in product stability and reduces cooking losses
  • Reduced variations due to poultry quality by acting as a buffer for poultry variations
  • Improves juiciness and stability while reducing cooking losses

Swelite pea fiber is derived from the yellow pea via a gentle extraction process without the use of organic solvents. A label-friendly ingredient, it is allergen and cholesterol-free and free from gluten and lactose.

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