A&B Ingredients' New Two Seas Sea Salt Building Strength

Contains 50% Low Sodium While Retaining Taste Profile

Fairfield, NJ, August 21, 2013 -- While salt reduction has become more than just a buzzword for the food industry, A&B Managing Director, Gil Bakal, points out sea salt continues to gain prominence among consumers. He points to the company's recent introduction of a natural sea salt, Two Seas Sea Salt, noting that its success is not only related to the reduced sodium chloride content but the retention of the taste profile.

"Potassium chloride has become the choice substitute for sodium chloride by the industry. Unfortunately, the bitter notes of potassium chloride impact the taste profile of the finished product, which often leaves consumers a bad taste. The properties of Two Seas Sea Salt offer the foodservice industry a sea salt that not only provides 50% less sodium, but does not affect the taste profile of foods."

Harvested through a proprietary manufacturing process, Two Seas Sea Salt combines salts from two seas, the mineral-rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea. The combination of natural elements also enables A&B Ingredients to offer the new sea salt in a cost-effective manner.

"While much has been written on the differences between sea salt vs. table salt. We note that the effectiveness of the natural properties of sea salt contains many essential trace minerals the body requires and is a natural means of assisting the body build a stronger immune system which can assist in fighting autoimmune disorders," he says.

He points to a number of reports showing that because Two Seas Sea Salt is naturally harvested and has not been purged of its minerals, it can prevent and reverse high levels of acids in the body, which in turn helps prevent risks of life-threatening diseases.

Bakal also points to the 50% lower sodium content of the Two Seas Sea Salt, which helps counter high sodium intake that has been directly associated to hypertension, a major cause of cardiovascular disease.

Among the benefits of Two Seas Sea Salt are:

  • 50% less sodium than other salts
  • Rich in sea-based natural potassium
  • All-natural sea salt taste
  • Trace elements from the Mediterranean region
  • Ease of use -- one-to-one ratio
  • Clean Label
  • Kosher

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