low sodium sea salt

A natural low sodium sea salt based on a unique blend of sea salts harvested from the mineral-rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea

Two Seas Sea Salt® is a naturally low sodium sea salt based on a unique blend of sea salts harvested from the mineral-rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Not only does  Two Seas Sea Salt contain less sodium than other varieties, but it is also an excellent source of potassium.

A&B Ingredients recently that Two Seas Sea Salt products have received FSSC 22000 certification for the product manufacturing and packaging facilities in Eilat and Atlit Israel.

The FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification provides a framework for effectively managing an organization’s food safety responsibilities. FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO Standards.  It demonstrates that a company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that meets the requirements of its customers and consumers. 18,000+ organizations in over 140 countries have achieved FSSC 22000 certification.  With currently 110+ Licensed Certification Bodies and over 1,500 auditors worldwide, FSSC 22000’s mission is to provide a trusted brand assurance platform to the consumer goods industry.

Two Seas Sea Salt’s natural properties are a major consideration for use within the food industry as the average American consumes somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to 10 grams per day of salt, says the American Heart Association (AHA). With salt approximately 40% sodium by weight, this converts to roughly the equivalent of 2,900 to 4,300 mg of sodium.  While these products contain less sodium, they can be used in the same 1:1 ratio as regular table salt.

A&B Ingredients offers a range of Two Seas Sea Salt products with various sodium reductions depending on the application.  All Two Seas Sea Salt products offer the foodservice industry a sea salt that not only provides less sodium but also maintains its salty taste.

When compared to other salts, Two Seas Sea Salt has consistently outperformed others. The proprietary manufacturing process and the combination of salts from both the mineral-rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea are the key reasons for its natural taste. Additionally, the combination of natural elements also enables A&B Ingredients to offer the new sea salt products in a cost-effective manner.


A&B Ingredients has added a new organic compliant low sodium sea salt to its Two Seas Sea Salt product line. A&B Ingredients’ new organic compliant sea salt gives organic food formulators a new tool that is 50% lower in sodium than other salts, maintains saltiness in organic products and cleans up your label with the consumer-friendly “Sea Salt” on the ingredient panel!

Among the benefits of Two Seas Sea Salt are:

  • Up to 60% less sodium than other salts
  • Contains a very low level of natural potassium
  • All-natural sea salt taste
  • Trace elements from the Mediterranean region
  • Ease of use — one-to-one ratio
  • Clean Label
  • Kosher

Two Seas Sea Salt is available from A&B Ingredients.  A leading developer, marketer and distributor of high-quality natural food ingredients, A&B also provides are pea proteins, antioxidants, antimicrobials and natural and artificial flavors. Based on a tradition of research and development, A&B’s focus is to discover unique flavors and ingredients that enable its customers to create value-added products.