Natural Sodium Reduction in Refrigerated Foods While Maintaining The Flavor Profile

Hummus in a bowl

A Case Study of a Reduced-Sodium, Clean-Label  Hummus with Extended Shelf Life

Hummus is a popular dish in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. It has since become popular worldwide due to its delicious flavor, versatility, and health benefits. While hummus is a relatively simple dish to prepare, there can be some formulating challenges, particularly in achieving the perfect texture and flavor balance. Hummus should be smooth and creamy but not thick or thin; therefore, achieving the right consistency in hummus is crucial. 

In the past few years, health concerns related to high salt intake have led to increased consumer demand for lower-sodium products. Experts believe that reducing the sodium content in ready-to-eat (RTE) and processed foods is one of the most effective strategies for improving global health in the short term. However, one of the major challenges in reduced sodium applications is maintaining the flavor profile.

Additionally, as a refrigerated product, extending the shelf life of hummus is critical, especially in a low-sodium refrigerated application.

With the growing demand for clean-label and natural food products, manufacturers need natural ingredient solutions to continue delivering products that consumers will love and trust.


Our Solution:

A&B Ingredients provides formulators with a natural solution that combines Natural Low Sodium Sea Salts and Mediterranean Umami for clean-label sodium reduction in food applications.

Our lower sodium sea salts,  Two Seas Sea Salts®, are sourced from the mineral-rich Dead and Red Seas. They are naturally low in sodium, offering up to 57 percent less than conventional table salt. Two Seas Sea Salts® are clean-tasting, can be used as a 1 to 1 substitution for table salt, and maintain the simple "sea salt" label.

          Lower Sodium Sea Salt (SS 50) - Natural Sodium Reduction
                        - Clean label sea salts for reduced sodium applications
                        - 50% less sodium than regular salt
                        - Naturally Occurring Sea Salts harvested from the Dead Sea/ Red Sea


Mediterranean Umami adds a subtle yet distinct flavor enhancement and helps build back the flavor while reducing sodium. Umami is the preferred flavor enhancer over other enhancers, such as MSG and yeast extracts. 

          Mediterranean Umami BOLD - Natural Flavor Enhancement For Reduced-Sodium Applications
                    - Natural Flavor Enhancement
                    - Clean-label extract made from tomato, seaweed, and mushroom  


CytoGUARD YM helps extend the shelf life of refrigerated foods naturally while meeting the consumer demand for products free from synthetic preservatives. It is a natural plant and fruit extract and can be used at low concentrations in dips, sauces, and other food products to maintain freshness and quality over shelf life. 

          CytoGUARD YM for Natural Shelf Life Extension
                    - Preserves quality and freshness
                    - Extends shelf life naturally
                    - Clean-label, Non-GMO, allergen-free


Our Approach:

Sodium chloride, commonly known as salt, is a crucial ingredient in many foods. Salt influences the flavor and texture of the product, as well as plays an important role in the preservation of foods against microbes. However, high sodium intake has been linked to various health issues, including hypertension. 

Our chef team set out to develop a clean-label sodium-reduced hummus by replacing sodium chloride with a natural lower sodium sea salt.  They wanted to achieve a 25% sodium reduction while maintaining the taste, meeting the clean-label requirements, and extending shelf life. 

After rigorous testing and fine-tuning the recipe, we are proud to present a functional and natural solution.
The combination of Lower Sodium Sea Salt and Mediterranean Umami provides formulation flexibility in achieving the target sodium level while enhancing the overall savory taste profile. CytoGUARD YM helps extend the shelf life of refrigerated foods, maintaining the fresh flavor and taste while keeping the "clean" ingredient label.


Today, consumers want to know what's in their food. That's why it's crucial to formulate food and beverage products with ingredients consumers trust and recognize. For a simple, consumer-friendly ingredient list, try natural lower sodium sea salts in your products.


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