Plant-Based Pea Protein

Next Generation Non-Allergenic Plant Protein Isolate

Not all pea proteins are the same. We offer a wide range of non-allergenic pea protein isolates with nutritional advantages and functional benefits to meet the needs of today's health-conscious consumers.

Pea protein's technological advantages include high solubility, clean taste, and an excellent mouthfeel. Specific products are designed for baked goods with minimal water absorption for improved dough handling and processability. In food and beverage applications where emulsification is important, pea protein isolates are the ingredient of choice. In plant-based meat substitutes, pea protein provides both mouthfeel and structure to improve the eating qualities of the products.

Pea proteins have low anti-nutritional factors and low allergenicity compared to soy and wheat products making them one of the most tolerated and accepted protein sources on the market. Pea proteins can replace a significant percentage of other allergenic and less sustainable proteins in many food products without impacting the color, taste, or texture of the product. Far more sustainable than animal and soy-based proteins, pea protein isolate is also an extremely viable source of plant protein.


  • Free-from common allergens
  • Highly soluble
  • 98% Digestible
  • Particularly low in anti-nutritional factors
  • Rich in branch-chain amino acids (AAS = -0.96)
  • Rich in BCAA -- 17.9
  • Rich in Lysine and Arginine
  • Sustainably Cultivated
  • Grown and processed in Europe


  • Unique taste that allows for high incorporation in the formulations
  • A complete range of functional proteins
  • High solubility, ideal for protein enrichment food and beverage applications
  • Excellent emulsifying properties for meat and vegetarian applications
  • Designed for baked goods and extrusion applications
  • Lower sodium option for specific applications
  • High-soluble organic certified option available
  • Meets specific needs of each application (taste and function)


  • Bakery, Bars, and Cereal
  • Plant-Based Meat
  • Plant-Based Dairy
  • Plant-Based Coffee Creamers
  • Protein Shakes
  • Plant-Based Savory
  • Sauces and Dressings

Functional Plant Protein Solution

The food market has changed dramatically in the past few years. Just consider the fast-growing consumer demand for all-natural, clean label, nutrient-enriched food products paired with the shopper commitment to "do good" by the planet and opt for products prepared from sustainably sourced ingredients.

When You Choose Our Pea Protein Isolate, You Can:

  • Restore the nutritional profile of plant-based food products
  • Fortify nutritional products in protein
  • Diversify the protein sourcing
  • Take part in planet well-being

Pea Protein Is An Allergen-Free Alternative To Other Plant-Based Proteins

There is no shortage of plant protein sources on the market, from wheat and soy to rice, hemp, and potato. The growing number of plant products on the shelves demonstrates the consumer demand for natural, alternative protein foods for vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets. Even though the plant-protein market is dominated by wheat and soy, more and more manufacturers switch to pea proteins. Not only are yellow peas an allergen-free solution, but their nutritional and functional properties and a sustainable image make it a superior choice for any food manufacturer. Pea proteins are a functional and versatile solution for a range of nutritional and vegetarian applications, like protein shakes, plant-based beverages, vegetarian ice cream, dairy-free cheeses, vegan burgers, plant-based seafood, gluten-free bread, and more.

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