A&B Ingredients Welcomes DOC Preliminary Decision on Chinese Pea Protein Imports

A&B Ingredients, a leading U.S. supplier of pea protein isolate under the trade name Pisane™, welcomes the recent preliminary affirmative decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) in the countervailing duty investigation of certain pea protein products imported from China. In response to the evolving regulatory landscape, A&B Ingredients reaffirms its commitment to supporting food and beverage CPG manufacturers in the U.S. and is ready to supply reliable, high-quality pea protein isolates.

The recent preliminary determination of the DOC found that Chinese pea protein producers received government subsidies at rates ranging from 15% to 342%, leading to concerns about unfair competition and potential dumping practices. The decision concerns pea protein concentrates with a protein content higher than 65% on dry weight basis. If the final determination supports countervailing duties, the U.S. International Trade Commission will further evaluate whether imports of pea protein from China are causing material injury to the U.S. industry. The DOC decision has sparked concerns about the future of certain pea protein supply chains for food manufacturers.

A&B Ingredients recognizes the increased importance of offering a stable and secure supply chain for domestic food manufacturers. Our team is poised to collaborate closely with industry partners seeking dependable pea protein sources amid these regulatory developments.

"Recognizing the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the countervailing duties and anti-dumping investigations, we want to emphasize our readiness to collaborate closely with industry partners seeking reliable and high-quality pea protein alternatives," said Gil Bakal, Managing Director at A&B Ingredients. "We are committed to offering high-quality, sustainably sourced pea protein products to meet the evolving needs of our customers."

Pea protein is a nutritious plant-based protein source that provides all nine essential amino acids. As an alternative to animal protein, pea protein isolate plays a vital role in various food and beverage applications, including meat alternatives, non-dairy applications, and protein powders.

A&B Ingredients offers Pisane™, a line of high-quality pea protein isolates that can seamlessly integrate into various formulations. Pisane™ is a non-genetically modified (GMO) pea protein isolate that has 98% digestibility rate and a well-balanced amino acid profile. Sourced from Europe, Pisane™ contains 88% to 90% protein. It is gluten-free and exhibits low incidents of allergens.

"Pisane is a non-genetically modified (GMO) pea protein isolate with outstanding attributes that make it an ideal choice for food manufacturers," Bakal explains. "It is not only an all-natural, clean-label ingredient but also aligns with the industry's increasing demand for sustainable and health-conscious choices."

Key features of Pisane™ include:
*    High protein content (88-90%)
*    Exceptional digestibility (98%)
*    Well-balanced amino acid profile
*    Gluten-free
*    Low incidents of allergens
*    No cholesterol, lactose, or soya
*    Non-GMO and naturally sourced

Our commitment to innovation remains at the forefront of our mission. A&B Ingredients is not just a supplier; we are a strategic partner dedicated to working collaboratively with food manufacturers to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for product enhancement and innovation. We strive to provide innovative solutions that go beyond meeting regulatory requirements -- solutions that elevate the quality, nutritional profile, and overall appeal of the final products in which our pea protein is incorporated.



A&B Ingredients provides natural, clean-label ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industry with a focus on health and nutrition, food safety, and quality. A&B Ingredient's portfolio includes plant-based proteins, textured vegetable proteins, natural and clean-label functional starches, pea and chicory root fiber, shelf-stable probiotics, low sodium sea salt, natural flavor enhancement, enzymes, natural antioxidants, antimicrobials, and yeast and mold inhibitors.

For further information about Pisane™ and A&B Ingredients' pea protein offerings, don't hesitate to contact us at info@abingredients.com, or call +1 973 227 1390.

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