Innovative Solutions to Develop Perfect Vegetarian And Vegan Alternatives

October 5, 2023 | Gil Bakal, Managing Director, A&B Ingredients
Alt protein meatless burger on a plate
The plant-based movement experienced remarkable growth over the past decade, driven by a combination of factors, including health concerns, environmental awareness, and changing consumer preferences. This movement has led to a surge in the availability and variety of plant-based food and beverage products, catering to a wide range of dietary choices, from vegan to vegetarian to flexitarian. The plant-based market has the potential to reach $160 billion by 2030, according to Mintel.

In 2022, despite the fact that the plant-based industry faced growing scrutiny, the data released by the Plant-Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute revealed that plant-based dollar sales grew 6.6% to $8 billion.

Companies have responded to this demand with innovative plant-based products that mimic the taste and texture of traditional animal-based foods. This includes plant-based burgers, sausages, milk alternatives, and even vegan seafood. As consumers become more conscious of the health implications of their diets and the environmental impact of meat production, they are increasingly seeking plant-based alternatives. Plant-based diets are often perceived as healthier and more sustainable options.

There is no doubt that plant-based foods are booming as consumers demand greater varieties of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. A&B Ingredients offers a full range of natural, highly functional ingredients that provide formulators with innovative solutions to help overcome the challenges of developing high-quality vegetarian alternative meat products.


We start with our all-natural texturized vegetable proteins from pea and faba bean. These products can provide the texture and consistency typical of a meat product. Our wide range of pea fibers and pea proteins can help bind the water and oil and help keep the product intact through processing. Native starches from rice and pea can give bite, water binding and freeze-thaw stability.

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To enhance the flavor and succulence, we add our savory umami flavor enhancers to not only add to the taste intensity but make it more succulent and memorable. Our low sodium sea salt contains up to 60% less sodium than other salts with a very low level of natural potassium and can help reduce the sodium levels in the product.

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Once the product has been developed, we want to make sure the flavor and quality remain over time. Our natural antioxidants can help protect color and off-flavors due to oxidation, while our natural extracts can help control the growth of microorganisms over shelf-life which in turn also helps maintain quality.

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