Mediterranean Umami All-Natural Flavor Enhancer

Mediterranean Umami is an all-natural flavor enhancer.

The robust flavor of umami is a welcome addition to A&B Ingredients’ line of natural flavor enhancers. Our Mediterranean Umami is an all-natural flavor booster that is extracted from tomato, seaweed, and mushrooms. Considered to be one of the five basic flavors, Umami adds to the taste intensity of foods, making them more succulent and memorable.

Up to 45% Sodium Reduction

Mediterranean Umami is an all-natural flavor booster extracted from tomato, seaweed, and mushrooms that intensifies the flavor profile of food products.

Contributing to intensifying the flavor profile of food products, Umami’s distinct flavor is the result of the interaction of glutamates, naturally occurring amino acids, with the receptors on the tongue. It is often referred to as “the fifth taste,” clearly not sweet, sour, bitter, or salty, but rather savory. Besides having a unique standalone flavor, Umami enhances the flavor of foods to which it is added, making them fuller, richer, and more intense – all in a clean label environment.

Mediterranean Umami an all-natural flavor enhancer, enables food manufacturers to fulfill growing consumer demands for clean label products with simple ingredients.  In addition to intensifying the taste of food, Umami has a double effect – it provides sodium reduction while combining natural flavor boosters. Its functionality, robust taste, and clean label make Umami the preferred solution vs. MSG and yeast extracts. There are no artificial flavors.

The extraordinary flavor of A&B Ingredients’ Mediterranean Umami is a welcome addition to any food and beverage manufacturer’s ingredients toolbox!

Benefits of Mediterranean Umami include:

  • Substantial sodium reduction – Up to 45%
  • Clean label
  • All-natural – Non-GMO
  • Allergan-free
  • Retains savory flavor profile
  • Applicable to a broad variety of food products