Unveiling Ingredient Technology Behind the Perfect Soup: A Journey into Flavor and Texture

Clean label carrot soup in a bowl

Opportunity: Delivering Taste and Texture in a Clean-Label Shelf-Stable Soup

Soup culture is incredibly diverse and delightful. Its history stretches back centuries and is rich in tradition and innovation. However, within this colorful world of soup-making, challenges abound. One such challenge is achieving the perfect texture and mouthfeel. Many soup recipes rely on a thickening agent to achieve the desired consistency. 

It is important to mention the latest consumer trend of "healthy nutrition," including the increasing popularity of lower-sodium foods. This demand has prompted food manufacturers to explore sodium reduction strategies in their products. While reducing sodium content is beneficial for health, it often takes away from the flavor profile of foods. Challenges arise when manufacturers try to balance health considerations with consumer taste preferences in soup formulations. 

Lastly, as a pantry staple, the soup must maintain shelf life stability and homogeneity throughout its lifecycle.

Adding to the complexity, the rising consumer demand for clean-label products made with natural ingredients compels manufacturers to formulate with consumer-friendly ingredients. In fact, 40% of consumers declared their preference for products labeled as "natural," and 29% said they preferred products with "clean ingredients", according to the 2023 consumer survey conducted by IFIC.

With the growing demand for clean-label and natural food products, manufacturers need natural ingredient solutions to continue delivering products that consumers will love and trust.

Our Solution:

Our chef team wanted to develop an innovative soup application that not only delivered the desired texture and mouthfeel but also met the clean-label requirements consumers were looking for. Our chefs also explored various approaches to building back the flavor in soups after sodium reduction. They tested various ingredients for taste, texture, and process stability in soup applications. After rigorous testing and fine-tuning the recipe, we are proud to report that we have discovered the ideal solution for clean-label, shelf-stable soups.

Introducing the Sweet & Spicy Carrot Soup, formulated with functional native corn starch for a smooth mouthfeel and Mediterranean Umami for an enhanced yet balanced flavor profile, this soup is a clean-label delight.


Careful Functional Native Starches for Texture
          - Provides high viscosity, body, and mouthfeel
          - Improves stability, suitable for different types of industrial processes
          - Prevents syneresis

Mediterranean Umami for "Craveability" - Natural Flavor Enhancement While Reducing Sodium    
          - Natural Flavor Enhancement
          - Added Benefit- Natural Sodium Reduction

CytoGUARD YM for Natural Shelf Life Extension
          - Preserves quality and freshness
          - Extends shelf life naturally

Native functional starch is used in various food products and is valued for its innate functionality, including thickening and stabilizing properties. Starch is an important ingredient in soups, sauces, and gravies. It provides viscosity and texture and increases storage stability by preventing separation between the water and the other ingredients in the product.
We offer a range of functional native starches that provide unique benefits to the food industry: improving texture and viscosity. Functional, clean-label corn starches were expertly designed to provide high viscosity, a creamy mouthfeel, and stability during storage. These functional, clean-label starches fulfill the industry's need for better-tasting, highly functional starches while meeting the consumer demand for food products with short and natural ingredient statements.

Mediterranean Umami adds a subtle yet distinct flavor enhancement, promising a unique taste experience. After all, taste is the pinnacle of every soup recipe, making it the ultimate comfort food. Mediterranean Umami is a clean-label extract made from tomato, seaweed, and mushrooms. Umami is the preferred flavor enhancer vs. other enhancers, such as MSG and yeast extracts. Umami also provides an added health benefit -- up to 45% sodium reduction.

CytoGUARD YM is a natural plant and fruit extract. It can be used at low concentrations in soups and other food products to maintain freshness and quality over shelf life. It is a clean-label, non-GMO, allergen-free solution that allows food manufacturers to extend the shelf life of their products naturally while meeting the consumer demand for products free from synthetic preservatives.

Why Clean Label?

Today, consumers want to know what's in their food. That's why it's crucial to formulate food and beverage products with ingredients consumers trust and recognize. For a simple, consumer-friendly ingredient list, try functional native starches in your products.

Say goodbye to modified starches - functional native starches can be used in various food applications and withstand demanding industrial processes. Choose from cook-up and cold-selling options to suit your application needs.

Explore our functional native starches
Explore Mediterranean Umami natural flavor enhancer
Explore CytoGUARD YM natural shelf life extension solutions 

Contact us for more information and to help you choose the right clean-label ingredients for your application needs.

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