A&B Ingredients To Distribute Lyckeby's Clean Label Functional Starches In The U.S.

Fairfield, NJ - A&B Ingredients is excited to offer functional native starches to its North American clients as the official distributor of Lyckeby, Sweden. Lyckeby Careful line of functional, clean-label waxy corn and potato starches compliments and extends the portfolio of starch ingredients that A&B Ingredients offers to the food and beverage industry.

"We are proud to be chosen as a strategic partner and distributor for Lyckeby's starch products in the U.S. Lyckeby Careful starches are a great addition to our portfolio. The natural, clean-label foods market is booming. There is a constant need for new and innovative clean-label, functional starches and texturants. Lyckeby Careful portfolio meets the demand of clean-label food manufacturers and consumers. Lyckeby's potato and waxy corn starch products offer unique functionality similar to modified starches while meeting the clean label trend. With a deep understanding of the starch ingredients and their functionality, we are ready to provide technical support and assist our customers with new product development and reformulations," said Gil Bakal, Managing Director at A&B Ingredients.

Lyckeby is a Swedish starch company with nearly 100-year-long history of farming, development, and distribution of potato-based products. They are a trusted global supplier of clean-label starch and fiber ingredients to the food industry. By operating and controlling every step of the production process, Lyckeby can achieve sustainable production goals and deliver highly specialized modern ingredient solutions that add value to the customers.

"We are excited to form a strategic partnership with A&B Ingredients. We believe that A&B Ingredients is the right partner to help us continue our growth in the U.S. market. We trust A&B Ingredients to offer our customers exceptional support and provide technical expertise in creating innovative product solutions," said Oscar Silverbern, Senior Business Manager, at Lyckeby.

Lyckeby Careful is a unique range of high-performing, sustainable, clean-label starches made from non-GMO potato and corn. Offering cook-up and cold swelling options adapted to various process and application requirements, Lyckeby Careful functional, clean-label starches deliver enhanced swelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties. Lyckeby Careful starches were designed to withstand harsh processing conditions, including high temperatures, pH, and storage conditions, and offer freeze/thaw stability for improved technical characteristics.

Lyckeby Careful
Clean Label Functional Starch

Bakal added, "Lyckeby's clean-label functional starches are unique products with added benefits that are hard to find in the current market. We were impressed by the superior quality and functionality of Lyckeby's products. Lyckeby Careful clean-label starches showed improved swelling behavior with outstanding process tolerance and storage stability. The product has a neutral taste and delivers a slightly opaque white color, which is important in certain applications, like sour cream, mayonnaise, or white sauce. Its functional and organoleptic properties, coupled with a simple "starch" label, make Lyckeby Careful starches ideal texturants for clean-label food manufacturers. We are excited to offer these exceptional starch ingredients to our customers."

Lyckeby Careful clean label functional starches are:

  • Natural and Non-allergenic
  • Non-GMO
  • Clean Label
  • Have a Neutral Taste
  • Slightly Opaque White Color
  • Include Cold Swelling and Cook-Up Versions
  • Offer Enhanced Swelling Characteristics
  • Offer Pleasant Texture with an Excellent Mouthfeel
  • Provide Excellent Process and Storage Stability
  • Provide Excellent Freeze/Thaw Stability
  • Tolerant To Shear, High Temperature, and Low Ph
  • Can Withstand UHT (Ultra-high Temperature)

Native starch is used in various food products and is valued for its innate functionality, including thickening and stabilizing properties. Starch is an important ingredient in soups, sauces, and gravies.

Clean-label, functional starches offer food manufacturers enhanced performance characteristics, including process and storage versatility with a simple ingredient statement. Lyckeby Careful functional, clean-label starches fulfill the industry's need for better-tasting, highly functional starches while meeting the consumer demand for food products with short and natural ingredient statements.

For more information about Lyckeby clean-label starches, please, contact us at info@abingredients.com or call 973-227-1390.



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