Textured Faba Bean Proteins

Allergen-Free Textured Vegetable Protein with a Clean Taste

Adding textured protein to products is a natural way to enrich foods in vegetable protein while simultaneously adding texture.

In food applications, textured Faba bean protein is a great alternative to traditionally used textured soy protein. It is free from common allergens and offers high protein content and high water absorption providing better product integrity during processing and ingredient mixing.

Textured Faba bean protein can complement textured pea protein in plant-based products by providing different textural characteristics and a clean taste profile. It is a preferred choice for formulators looking for an allergen-free alternative compared to wheat and soy textured proteins.

Also, the Faba bean is a nitrogen-fixing vegetable and offers many health benefits. It is nutrient-rich and can assist in lowering both cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Textured Faba Bean Protein


  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Free from allergens
  • High in protein
  • High water binding capacity
  • Neutral taste
  • Made in Europe


  • Clean Label
  • Improves texture
  • Meat-like mouthfeel
  • Enhances juiciness
  • Nutritionally rich
  • Keeps integrity in food formulations
  • Lower environmental impact than other protein sources


  • Meat Products
  • Minced Meat Products (Bolognese sauce, lasagna, hamburgers)
  • Meat Extender
  • Vegetarian Products
  • Plant-Based / Vegan Products

Textured Vegetable Proteins Product Range

We offer a wide range of textured plant proteins made from peas, Faba beans, and pea and wheat combination.

Textured Vegetable Proteins Product Range

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